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F70PR: Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves (non-ASME Code)
F70PR: Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves (non-ASME Code)

Modulating, Flowing (Gas / Liquid Service)

Pilot operated pressure relief valves with aluminum or carbon steel construction, and modulating-action pilots. A variety of soft seat materials are available. Ideal for natural gas regulator and meter protection, and positive displacement blower protection. This product provides high capacity flow rates and are inline repairable. Made for DOT / gas transmission applications (non-ASME Code). FLOWSAFE customers buy smaller valves, save money!


·         F100 Pilot-operated; Modulating, flowing

·         Soft seated (Elastomer)

·         Optional backflow preventer & field test connection

·         Full bore orifice

·         Full piston lift @ 105% set pressure, proportional to demand

·         Pilot vents to process

·         Leak tight seating and re-seating

·         Integral flange design

·         Carbon steel body with corrosion resistant trim

·         Rugged, simple, light-weight design



·         Natural gas

·         DOT

·         Chemical processing

·         Positive Displacement Blowers

·         High cycle rates / long service life

·         Minimal product loss importance

·         Operation close to set point with zero leakage required



Connection Sizes

Custom sizes & dual outlet bodies available on request

1.5” x 2” - 12” x 16”

(38mm x 50mm - 300mm x 400 mm)

Set Pressure Ranges

See F70PR Catalog for orifice specific ratings

10” wc – 285 psig

(.025 – 19.6 barg)

Temperature Ranges

-65 to 400°F

(-54 to 204°C)

Orifice Area Range

1.770 – 111.87 in2

(1142 – 72174 mm2)

End Connections

Custom types available on request


Female NPT (1.5” x 2” size only)

Integral ASME RF Flanged (150# inlet/outlet)

Materials of Construction

Custom available for service or on request

Carbon Steel w/ aluminum trim

Aluminum (1.5” x 2” size only)

Seat Materials

Custom available for service or on request


Buna-N, Viton® (FKM) or equal, EPR/EPDM



·         DOT (49CR192.199)

·         ISO 9001-2015

·         Superior flow capabilities (independently verified)