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Flow size Relief valve sizing program  

FlowSize is a Windows-based program designed by Flow Safe Inc. as an aid in selecting the proper relief valve for an application.  The program allows the user to determine the required orifice flow area with a given flow capacity, fluid parameters, set pressure, and temperature, or conversely, it can determine the maximum flow capacity for a given area, pressure, and fluid conditions.  Information is provided for the complete family of Flow Safe relief valve products for gas / vapor and liquids throughout their service limits.  Sizing calculations used in the program are based on API Recommended Practice 520, Part I.

Download and Installation

1. Log in to the site using your User Name and Password by clicking here.  Complete a new registration if applicable.  Then, return to this page.


2. After you have registered, return to this page and click on the "FlowSize Application" link.  When the "File Download" dialog box opens, save the “Flowsize.msi” file to an available directory on your computer.


3. After the download is complete, click "Open Folder" if a dialog box appears, or manually find and open the directory (folder) used in Step 2.  Double-click on the "Flowsize.msi" icon that was saved.  A "Flowsize Setup Wizard" will launch.

4. In the setup wizard, click “next” and select an installation folder.  The default folder is C:\Program Files\Flowsize\Version 1.XX.X\, but this can be changed to another customized folder if desired.  Click “next” again and the installation routine will then finish.

5. After installation completes, go to the file directory set up in the previous step and open the “Flowsize.exe” icon to run the sizing program.  A shortcut can also be created for use on the desktop.  Disregard the other icons that appear in the directory.  Once in the FlowSize program, click “Help” at the top of the screen to see instructions on how to use the program.

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